Entry #1


2009-06-11 14:17:02 by Minoltar

Ok my First Post

A friend of mine is doing an Fan playable project of Mega-man 10
It look like the Mega-man version on NES and it is awesome.

So I propose myself to him for making an old school Mega-man 10 cover box game and maybe some monster design, and he accept !!!

/* */
and in the tradition of old mega man game, there is the old school game box .

Goal of the box cover !! The cover never, never, never look like the actual game.
Why ? well, those old game are graphically made pixel by pixel, so not mush detail.
and to sell the game or attraction eyes of the costumer here come the cover that doesn't look like a bit of the game ! ET VOILA !!!

here the pencil sketch !! on my deviant art page
color will follow some the day soon

Old box cover



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